Gary E. Haffer currently serves as an online marketing consultant helping businesses and Fortune 500 companies increase their website traffic, rank and visibility. He is the former director of the Apple user group of the Boston Computer Society. Haffer earned his master’s degree in business administration from Babson College and an undergraduate degree from Northeastern University.

As today’s business climate becomes increasingly competitive, companies are looking for new ways to gain the competitive edge. My new book, Online Marketing Terms Exposed:Understanding the Lingo of Online Search Marketing Experts provides tips on how to navigate through the new era of online marketing. Step-by-step instructions on how to use social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as well as a host of other online ideas designed to optimize a company’s website performance are detailed in this book.

As an online marketing consultant, I was inspired to write this book after spending many years helping small business owners find cost effective ways to increase their business through the optimization of their websites. Online Marketing Terms Exposed uncovers the “the secret sauce” that online experts use to increase website rank and visibility.”A company can generate more traffic by optimizing its website, which should resuilt in more sales. This book is very practical, easy to read and full of examples to attract visitors and enhance a website’s performance.

Online Marketing Terms Exposed: Understand the Lingo of the Online Search Marketing Experts is available for sale online at Amazon.com, Borders.com, and through additional wholesale and retails channels in the US and others worldwide.


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