Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing WEB 2.0, and Social Networking are the hot new buzzwords for 2008. In the context of marketing they are all referring to the same thing.

Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, is an online technique based on the creation of unique content such as video, text, audio, presentations or images, through social outlets in order to increase awareness and drive website traffic. This self-replicating viral process is based upon inviting potential prospects to interact, enhance, share, or pass along the content to other prospects in their communities or elsewhere on the Internet, and can results quickly.

According to Wikipedia, a viral process is analogous to the spread of a computer virus. Simply start it under the right conditions and the results are overwhelming because the members of the community pick up the content and run with it.
Imagine if you received gifts for your birthday in a viral process? You would have so many gifts you wouldn’t know what to do.

Remember: In order to perform Social Media Marketing on a viral basis the product or service must be the type that it can be passed along because it is exciting or new. A lawn rake may not be able to be passed along on the social outlets virally because of the nature of this product. But, on the other hand, who would ever think of doing a viral campaign for “Got milk?” would be successful.

What Can Be Expected From Social Media Marketing
Results from SMM are the establishment of your product or service in the minds of members of social outlets and have them through “word-of-click” achieved the following goals:
– Build brand awareness
– Drive qualified traffic to your website
– Encourage their members give feedback on your product
– Act as references to attest to the quality and credibility of your company and what you offer.
– Make your content available to a multitude of new visitors. Some of which you hope will become paying customers.
– Work in conjunction with any search engine optimization campaign that you are running. The reinforcement here helps to significantly increase your visitors and to tell their friends and associates to come back to purchase your products.

Social Media Marketing requires a different understanding of social outlets in order to gain results and promote your product and service. But the time and energy will produce great results.


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Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is a process by which information from your company’s web site

and other online materials are “tagged” in order to ensure that the information is more readily

found by “natural search” results. It’s a relatively simple process. The higher the content ranks

in a search, the better the likelihood it will be accessed.

This simple process has not gone unnoticed by the online community. As search engines have

grown in popularity and influence, an increasing amount of companies are allocating money to

optimizing entire web sites. The problem is as the effectiveness of web site optimization

becomes more apparent, those companies that provide SEO services are charging more for

their services. So, how can a small business with limited resources reap the rewards of

optimization without breaking the bank?

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